Mosquito and Insect Bite Relief Tips

Even though the Spring and Summer allergy season is almost over, consider avoiding and alleviating allergy related symptoms that can affect you any time of year. Review these mosquito and insect bite relief tips, because this is the time of year in Florida they come out.

Although rarely serious, mosquito bites are often higly irritating and itchy. Wear long-sleeved shirts when gardening and spending time outside to prevent bug bites. Bug repellent is a great way to deter mosquitoes and other flying insects from biting your skin. Reapply the repellent occasionally since it has a tendency to wear off after a while.

It is known that over-the-counter antihistamines can deter mosquitoes from biting the user. Don’t allow the mosquitoes to prevent barbecues or any other outdoor activity enjoyment.

When bitten, wash the infected area immediately, keep the site clean and dry, and avoid scratching or rubbing the site of infection. A paste of baking soda and water provide a soothing remedy after the bug bite. Ice is a great way to subdue the itchiness and swelling.

Some other applications that help after the bite include calamine lotion, Benadryl® cream, Anbesol®, Vicks VapoRub®, hydrocortizone, aloe vera gel, Caladryl® and Gold Bond Medicated Cream®. Some cases even got results lowering the swelling using toothpaste, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, epsom salts or lemon juice. Also have a look at our Florida Bug and Insect Relief Tips.

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